Our Storage Abilities

JSC VEDS Tank Farm and Logistics is among the leading company’s in Russia engineering services in terms of petroleum and petrochemical /chemical industries. The company is a expanding in holding and carries out a long intricate of works for oil and gas industry, including the visionary and well analyzed engineering in terms of tank farms, petrol stations ; manufacturing and installation (including RVS, RGS) up to 65 000 m3) for the storage of oil, chemicals, project management, oil products, water, vegetable oils; production capacities; qualified engineering, supply of materials and equipment, utilization and processing of scrap, construction and certification of objects. The enterprise specializes on manufacture of tanks of hot water, the production of tanks, vessels, separators.



RUSSIAN PORTS: Novorossiysk, Novosibirsk, Primorsk, Vladivostok, Nakhodka. (TANK FARM IN RUSSIAN PORT)

ROTTERDAM PORT: Europort Terminal, Vopak, Botlek Tank Terminal, Gunvor Petroleum. (TANK FARM IN ROTTERDAM PORT)



JSC VEDS Tank Farm Storage Tank Design

JSC VEDS Tank Farm and Logistics is one of the very few storage tank contractors to retain an in-house storage tank design team, with all its attendant benefits.

Their expertise covers:

Storage tank design API 650, API 620, EN14015, API 653 and EEMUA 159

Floating roof design

Fixed roof design

Storage tank assessments

Failure investigations

Design verification

Tank repairs

Tank jacking

Structural design

Mechanical equipment selection

Relief valve sizing and selection

Hemispheroid tank design


Our storage tanks are manufactured in our workshops and delivered on-site for construction by our highly skilled personnel, many of whom have been with the company for more than 9 years.

Most larger engineering companies would need to sub-contract storage tank construction resulting in significantly increased costs for you. By contracting directly with JSC VEDS Tank Farm and Logistics you save money and, with our unparalleled experience, can be rest assured we will build on time and on budget.

New build construction services include:

Design and supply of new storage tanks

Storage tank construction

Turnkey handling of projects

Specification of work scopes

Preparation of budgets

Supply of skilled labour and management of sub-contractors

Supply and erection of welded heavy steel structures

Associated pipework and process plant installation

Supply of tank roof seals and component parts

Term contractor

We offer tanks standing: PB, V, РВСС:

JSC VEDS Tank Farm and Logistics has standing tanks (capacity) up to 6 600 000 m3; for storage of petroleum, chemicals, oil and gas storage in different location

Tank with a capacity of 12 000 m3

Tank with a capacity of 25 000 m3

Tank with a capacity of 40 000 m3

Tank with a capacity of 60 000 m3

Tank with a capacity of 65 000 m3

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